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Mother had 'torrid' affair with 15

John Schlesinger The only X-rated Best-Picture winner, this gritty movie discomfited some viewers with its frank, non-judgmental depiction of homosexuality.

  • Flashbacks to Sex with Annie During Encounters The Texas stud was befriended by a limping and coughing homeless con artist named Ratso Rizzo Dustin Hoffman and they experienced an unspoken homosexual relationship together which included frequent bickering.

  • Corral in other westerns - to confront the drunken General Mapache, who held court next to the machine gun, his proud possession mounted on a table.

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For consenting adults, this makes a lot of sense.

  • They are not more likely to molest their children than anyone else.

  • The National Catholic Office for Motion Pictures reviled the film, condemning it for "the perverted use which the film made of fundamental Christian beliefs, especially surrounding the birth of Christ, and its mockery of religious persons and practices" - these criticisms were due in part to sequences depicting Rosemary's guilt over her lapsed Catholicism, anti-religious references to the Pope made by Roman Castevet "You don't need to have respect for him because he pretends that he's holy" , the portrayal of Rosemary's pregnancy as a sexually-transmitted disease, and the film's view of Satanism as the birth of the Anti-Christ.

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