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Goli Otok prison island

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Cupo Kalac

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Pjesma goli otok Titov režim

Pjesma goli otok Logor Goli

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Goli Otok: Yugoslavia’s ‘Barren Island’ Camp for Stalinists

Pjesma goli otok Valter Kocijančić

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Yugoslav Post

Ziherl i Čolaković, međutim, nisu bili uhapšeni i zadržali su svoje funkcije.

  • On je poslat na Goli otok 1952.

  • Zato je užasno teško o tome govoriti i zato smo se godinama nakon izlaska stidjeli.

Logor Goli Otok

Of the women's prison nothing but a few bits of rubble remain.

  • In one of them I found a memorial candle like you see in cemeteries with the Croatian chequered symbol on it, but no indication who this may have been in memory of … There are two courtyards where the prisoners of this block had the chance to get some fresh air.

  • We then headed up the hillside along the small road out of the industrial town, past some former gardens, and it was here that we first saw that we were not quite so totally alone here as we had been until then: sheep were lying in the shade under some trees and soon a group of more sheep appeared right on the road.

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