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Fomes fomentarius (Tinder Polypore) for Dysmenorrhea (medicinal herbs forum at permies)

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#081: Phellinus robiniae, the Cracked Cap Polypore

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Fomes fomentarius, the tinder polypore (amadou, styptic, touchwood, punk, hoof fungus, amadou Amadouvier), Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for December 2001,

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Why Fomes Fomentarius Isn't Just A Boring Polypore

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Habitat: Grass Calvatia cyathiformis Description: Spore case 5— 19 cm across and 8— 15 cm high, often pear-shaped with a tapered sterile base; outer surface at first whitish tan becoming brown, soon cracking irregularly and flaking off as it ages.

  • Stops bleeding Even from ancient times, Fomes Fomentarius has long been used as a natural material to stop bleeding.

  • Progress toward a phylogenetic classification of the Polyporaceae through parsimony analysis of mitochondrial ribosomal DNA sequences.

Foraging & Using Tinder Polypore (Fomes fomentarius)

Apart from preventing the development of cancer, it also averts its spread.

  • It's essentially thought of as bad menstrual cramps.

  • What is the difference between white-rot polypore and brown rot polypore? While not all are polypores, Chicken of the woods, Reishi, and Maitake are some popular medicinal fungal polypores that are edible.

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