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He was distraught and said he would cut his hands off before touching me without my consent in that way again.

  • Giulio realizes that Francesca's deceased mother was a former flame he was with a year before Francesca was born, so Giulio tells her that she might be his daughter.

  • The fourth story features a fictionalized having sex with her and ; the short ends with the baptism of Lucrezia's baby, implied to be fathered by her own father.

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In 1988 , Frank meets Kirsty again in hell and tries to force his niece to become his eternal sexual partner; Kristy kisses him to distract him before he is destroyed by Julia.

  • Paul wants Irena to become his mate, for if they make love with an ordinary human, they will transform into a and can only change back by killing a human.

  • Having made it to the top, though, they often begin to cultivate a different image - presenting themselves as independent, self-made businesswomen and encouraging Kenyan girls to work hard and stay in school.

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