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Erotic hokusai Shunga

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Erotic hokusai Hokusai: erotic

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Erotic hokusai Hokusai: erotic

Who influenced katsushika hokusai?

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Erotic hokusai Shunga Erotic

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

Erotic hokusai Shunga

Shunga Erotic Japanese Prints

A naked man in a bath with two octopuses: Yushi Li’s best photograph

As they would in recollections of nights of pleasure artists did not work from photographs at that time! I was able to get where I wanted to go, but it took a while because I was standing in front of myself.

  • Only very recently can shunga be shown openly and uncensored in Japan again.

  • In the beginning, I would take more from the world, like what you would see in the news or current affairs.

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