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James Patterson Image by on A legend in the thriller genre, James Patterson has over 100 New York Times bestsellers to his name, and in recent years has collaborated with all kinds of talent, including former President Bill Clinton.

  • Unfortunately, Alex grows hooked up to him, and when he tries to interrupt off the connection, he realizes she will not give him up simply, resulting in violent and disturbing penalties.

  • Why should I buy a? His jealousy is piqued when she admits to fantasizing about a stranger and he watches someone else try to pick her up at a party, leading him to his own night of illicit sexual exploration that culminates in a members-only ritualistic orgy that may or may not be linked to murder.

33 Sexiest Erotic Thrillers

It's built to make you question your comfort zone and Cronenberg does a remarkable job of expanding the scope of eroticism.

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  • Jeremy Crawford, husband of the injured Verity Crawford, a bestselling author, hires Lowen to finish the books in Verity's series based on her notes and outlines.