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Mantra erotic Tantric Masturbation:

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Mantra erotic Tantric Masturbation:

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Eruption: Mind Fuck Mantra

Mantra erotic Tantric Masturbation:


Mantra erotic Eruption: Mind

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This recording is intend to be used daily to condition the listener to enter an obedient trance state when they are wearing a collar and identify as a Slave.

  • This recording contains suggestions for pleasure and arousal but their are no direct suggestions to touch or orgasm.

  • I think this has some potential for me — so I will keep with it and see what happens! Like, I hand enough energy to get through the day and I was actually smiling genuinely at some of my customers.


While listening to masturbation again, with the rhythm of brainwashing recording, there is only the pleasure of my mind, but there is no impulse to have an orgasm.

  • I then have the listener strip naked and lay down on a massage table where I give them a very pleasurable massage with special massage oil that has some surprising effects on people.

  • A pop up video promising to hypnotize them to sleep deeply though interests you and you click on it.